After years of not taking the time to do so, I am starting my coding journey. Just one problem - it appears a large number of the resources out there start with formulaic coding, but fail to explain those formulas in a way that makes sense.

I hate rote memorisation. Firstly, the phrase "If memory serves me correct" is a bit of a joke with me. Yes, I forget things I don't commit to memory with absolute diligence. Secondly, I just don't learn effectively by memorising things, but rather by figuring out how they work.

I like to understand every bit and bob. I like to know why this goes here and that goes there. What this little piece does, and why that little piece breaks everything.

And that's why I created this blog. To document my learning. The illusive "they" say you learn better by teaching, so I'll use the opportunity to teach myself, by explaining my way through every step.

I don't expect anybody to be reading this, but if you are, don't expect to be learning from an expert. I'm learning myself, and what I write today might change tomorrow as my understanding grows.

With that said... Let's do this thing!

Cheers Francois.